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Jakku - drums // A. Remes - bass // Leiviskä - guitar // J. Remes - vocals

As early as in the autumn of 1991, Mary was formed by J. Remes and three other aspiring young musicians from Northern Finland. The band started creating music more seriously in 1995 when J. Remes decided to concentrate solely on vocals and handed over the bass playing duties to A. Remes. Leiviskä joined the group as a guitarist in 1996, followed a year later by a new drummer. With this line-up, Mary played dozens of gigs around Finland and released three self-financed MCD's and two promotional CD's. In 2001, Jakku, a young, dedicated and energetic drummer, who fits the band like a glove, joined Mary.

And here they are now.

Ever since Mary has been active in the music business, the music of the group has puzzled the critics. Categorizing the band and finding similar bands to compare Mary with has been proven to be difficult or even impossible. The aural output of Mary consists of several different factors due to broad musical backgrounds and at least - perhaps even more - varied musical tastes of the band members. However, Mary themselves define their music with a simple, single word: ROCK.

Mary is a rock band defending the virtues of rock. From the beginning of their career, Mary have stomped their own musical path caring not for the trendy outfit and hollow opinions. There are no rules in rock - there is only a feeling which leads the way.

The essence of Mary is definitely the stage performance. The band has gained a vast amount of live experience from the early years to present and it truly shows. Combining the live experience and strong technical excellence with the flaming passion for rock creates an atmospheric event, which can't be explained - you have to see and hear it yourself.


  • 1998: Kuollut (MCD)
  • 2000: Helvettiin (MCD)
  • 2000: Huorat (promotional CD)
  • 2001: Tie (promotional CD single), Tie (promotional video)
  • 2002: Inhohimo (MCD), Petturit (promotional video)
  • 2003: Mary vs. Mary (7" vinyl single), Varjot (promotional video)
  • 2006: Helvettiin (promotional video)
  • 2007: Paha siemen (MCD)
  • 2008: Promo 2008 (download + promotional CD single)
  • 2010: Jatka (MCD)

Stop the Building / Mary // Kansankatu 47 A, 4th floor // 90100 Oulu // Finland // //

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